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Retention Focus is Key

Retention Focus is Key

No longer is the job market being hampered by the economy. One only has to go online to nationwide job search sites or take notice of all the “now hiring” signs at both national and mom and pop businesses to see employment opportunities are the strongest since mid 2007.

With so many options how do employers both hire the best and the brightest and then keep them satisfied so they don’t begin looking elsewhere? “Retention starts from the application process to screening applicants to choosing who to interview. It starts with identifying what aspects of culture and strategy you want to emphasize, and then seeking those out in your candidates,” says Dan Pickett, CEO of Nfrastructure, a leading IT network services firm.

The first step is establishing which potential candidates will be a good corporate fit. Ask the right questions to determine how vested the person has been in past positions. This includes more than just length of time at one company. A hiring manager should also focus on a candidate’s values. Are they a team player? Are they looking for vertical advancement or satisfied with the status quo? How are their soft skills including flexibility, adaptability and personal accountability?

Once the right person has been hired now a company is tasked with retaining them. In addition to ensuring the employee feels valued, there needs to be growth both financially as well as through corporate advancement. Employees these days are seeking a good work/life balance; no more working 60 hour workweeks and every other weekend. How’s the mood around the office? A toxic corporate culture will quickly have employees running for the door. Good departmental communication is also key for employee retention. Workers need to feel their concerns are being heard and addressed.

In business in the greater St. Louis area for over 20 years, Staffing One Services understands how important having the right employees are to your business. Give us an opportunity to provide you with quality staffing from short-term laborers to temporary to permanent full-time employment. Connect with us on Facebook or call 314.361.2444 to speak with one of our friendly employment counselors.

Five Tips for Recruiting and Retaining New Clients

Five Tips for Recruiting and Retaining New Clients

Nothing helps a business succeed more than being able to count on regular, repeat clients. And while we are all aware of the part money plays in any company/client relationship, building and maintaining a strong working partnership can and should be based on much more, including trust, communication and performance.

  • Be completely transparent when it comes to costs. Nothing will turn a client away faster than receiving a bill full of extra charges and previously undisclosed fees.
  • When a client walks in the door, do they see the same friendly faces each time? How about when they call or email concerning their account? Is it always the same person or team handling it or does it seem as though the agency has a revolving door when it comes to employee retention? This is a major red flag in itself. If an agency isn’t able to properly hire their own staff, chances are they aren’t properly interviewing and vetting their temporary employees either.
  • Stay in touch with your clients. While it is important to continually recruit new business, don’t become complacent to the point where older, established clients are pushed to the back burner. Even if they are perfectly happy, take the time to send thank-you notes, remember birthdays and occasionally surprise their office with a bag of bagels or a box of donuts. These little things can make a big impact when it comes to keeping a client happy.
  • Listen to your clients and learn to anticipate their needs. Often clients will focus only on their immediate concerns, not their overall staffing picture. Train your recruiters to learn everything they can concerning their client’s business culture. The more they know, the better they can be at accessing and determining their staffing needs.
  • Your clients depend on you so always keep your commitments. Return phone calls and emails. Be on time for meetings. And when a temporary employee doesn’t work out, don’t deflect. Take responsibility, apologize and correct the problem without placing blame.

Looking for a staffing agency with over 20 years experience right here in the St. Louis area? Connect with Staffing One Services today for more information.

Salary Negotiation Dos and Don’ts

Salary Negotiation Dos and Don’ts

Today’s economy is once again robust, with help wanted signs everywhere and job boards full of open positions. But many companies are still asking employees to carry a heavier workload for less pay and reduced benefits. And whether you are talking salary as a potential new employee or are scheduled for your yearly review, many folks are hesitate to negotiate their compensation package. When your financial security is on the line consider these helpful negotiation tips to ensure you are getting paid what you are worth.

  • Do your homework; this cannot be stressed enough. Go online and research what other companies are paying for your position. There are numerous national and local websites that contain figures indicating the low, high and average hourly/yearly wage for an employee with your education and skill set.
  • Do showcase your value. There is no better time than during your yearly review to make sure everyone knows how much you contribute. Talk up that last major client you brought in or how you volunteered to work nights and weekends for two months straight to ensure that big project came in on time.
  • Don’t bring up salary during the interview process; let the employer make the first move. Don’t be too quick to reject or counteroffer until you are aware of the full benefits package. Don’t feel as though you have to make a decision immediately. Often it is best to take time to consider all factors including if this is a job you want.
  • Don’t inflate your current salary when asked, there are too many ways this could backfire. When you do counteroffer, don’t apologize for asking to be fairly compensated. Don’t become combative or stubborn during negotiations. It is important to keep your temper and a level head.
  • Do get the final salary package in writing. The last thing you want after you have accepted a new position and quit or given notice at your old job is to have a “he said/she said” dispute over the actual starting figure and benefits.

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