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Salary Negotiation Dos and Don’ts

Salary Negotiation Dos and Don’ts

Today’s economy is once again robust, with help wanted signs everywhere and job boards full of open positions. But many companies are still asking employees to carry a heavier workload for less pay and reduced benefits. And whether you are talking salary as a potential new employee or are scheduled for your yearly review, many folks are hesitate to negotiate their compensation package. When your financial security is on the line consider these helpful negotiation tips to ensure you are getting paid what you are worth.

  • Do your homework; this cannot be stressed enough. Go online and research what other companies are paying for your position. There are numerous national and local websites that contain figures indicating the low, high and average hourly/yearly wage for an employee with your education and skill set.
  • Do showcase your value. There is no better time than during your yearly review to make sure everyone knows how much you contribute. Talk up that last major client you brought in or how you volunteered to work nights and weekends for two months straight to ensure that big project came in on time.
  • Don’t bring up salary during the interview process; let the employer make the first move. Don’t be too quick to reject or counteroffer until you are aware of the full benefits package. Don’t feel as though you have to make a decision immediately. Often it is best to take time to consider all factors including if this is a job you want.
  • Don’t inflate your current salary when asked, there are too many ways this could backfire. When you do counteroffer, don’t apologize for asking to be fairly compensated. Don’t become combative or stubborn during negotiations. It is important to keep your temper and a level head.
  • Do get the final salary package in writing. The last thing you want after you have accepted a new position and quit or given notice at your old job is to have a “he said/she said” dispute over the actual starting figure and benefits.

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Find Your Next Gig Through Social Media

Find Your Next Gig Through Social Media

These days social media is used for everything from getting your daily news to finding a good restaurant, making a date for coffee and checking out book and movie reviews. But how about when it comes to looking for your next job? Are employers and staffing agencies utilizing social media formats such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find the best of the best? And if so, is it working?

A 2016 Society for Human Resource Management survey indicated over 80 percent of businesses use social media for recruiting. Additionally, another 9 percent said they intend to start using it. A large number of the organizations polled have taken social media recruiting a step further by actively developing Smartphone apps and creating interactive mobile sites making it easier and faster for job seekers.

Utilizing hashtags, video clips, participating in online forums and being active in specific groups are great ways for both employers and those searching for their next career to connect. Branch out and brand out into additional social media sites by staying on top of what’s popular. Today, just as was the norm 20 years ago, many employment opportunities are still discovered and filled through good ole-fashioned word of mouth i.e. networking. So invite your current employees to talk up your business online. People are drawn to companies with a certain vibe so share content about your unique workplace culture. Just remind everyone to share responsibly and if necessary link to your company’s social media rules for reference.

Obviously social media has become an effective method of reaching job seekers but it is important to remember candidates who don’t have a social media presence by continuing to use other traditional recruiting formats.

Looking to fill some downtime with a part-time opportunity? Considering a major career change? Or simply want to move up the corporate ladder? Staffing One Services is here to help. Please connect with us today online, on Facebook, or go old school and pick up the phone and give us a call at 314-361-2444.

From Interview to Offer

From Interview to Offer

Your initial phone/email/Skype interview went so well you just knew that coveted in-person interview was sure to happen. But it never materialized and then you didn’t even receive a “thanks but no thanks” so you could find out exactly what occurred. Keeping these interview tips in mind may just turn “????” into “when would you like me to start?”

  • The hiring manager is already interested or you wouldn’t be speaking with him or her. Now show why you are the right fit. Be personable and enthusiastic. Studies have shown a “consistent vocal tone” and “fluid body movements” make a positive impact on the decision maker. Be upbeat about your career trajectory and have specific professional employment goals.
  • Prepare answers in advance to some of the most common questions asked during the interview process. Answer them in a positive honest manner without hesitation. Let your self confidence and control shine through. 
  • Follow the interviewer’s lead. You can easily tell the difference between an individual who is all business and one with a friendlier laid-back attitude. This is also a good way to get a feel for the overall workplace environment.
  • Have several well thought out questions about the company and the position. This shows you’ve done your homework and are interested in the business where you may potentially be employed. But remember: DO NOT ask about salary, benefits, vacation time, or anything else that makes it look like you are more interested in what the company can do for you, rather than what you bring to the table.
  • Make a point of using the interviewer’s name frequently during the conversation. This fosters a sense of connection and makes the other person feel you value them as an individual.

We just celebrated our 20 year anniversary and Staffing One Services is looking forward to continuing our outstanding track record of matching exceptional candidates with just the right company. Whether you are searching for a temporary position, seeking a career change or maybe not quite sure what your employment future holds, please call 314.361.2444 today for assistance.


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