St. Louis Based Staffing Agency Celebrates 20 Years Defeating the Odds

For Immediate Release
May 23, 2017

1996 marks the year Tom and Merrill Nelson brought Staffing One Services to life, and, twenty years later, the St. Louis based company continues to practice the fundamentals of a successful, honest and ethical business, resulting in long term clients and loyal employees.

Starting their business in 1996, Tom and Merrill found they had a natural talent and ability for matching St. Louis companies with qualified professionals who were ready for the job.

People were looking for employment and the hospitality industry needed honest and hard working people. Tom and Merrill delivered a level of service that was hard to beat and two decades later, Staffing One has retained its focus on premier quality service in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Working with America’s Center, various St. Louis school districts, Sport-service, numerous corporate dining facilities, hotels, caterers, and many other clients, Staffing One’s goal to do more, give more, and be more than its competitors, drives the company’s every action.

Having learned from their experiences in business and in life, the Nelsons know that specializing in the hospitality industry takes a talented staff who are not clock watchers and who are willing to work hard. Egos are checked at the door and that goes for the entire staff, Tom and Merrill included.

Staffing one’s team is close and bound by ethics, family values, accountability and respect. These all play a role both in keeping clients returning and with giving employees a reason to be excited to come to work. In today’s society, it’s hard to get an employer to deliver 80% in performance quality; at Staffing One, nothing less than 100% is expected, accepted and delivered.

Tom says, “Our staff is our family, without them we don’t survive, we are there for each and every one of our employees and do what we can to enrich the future of their lives.”
“Keeping everyone happy and looking forward to work is the key. We believe if we are supportive and appreciative our employees will deliver the level of service we expect and so far, it’s been working. Staffing recruitment will always be held to the highest in quality.”

A united vision and consistent focus make up the foundation for Staffing One’s success, and it has grown with the market, keeping focus on ensuring their team delivers outstanding results for all clients.
To survive economic downturns and succeed in a competitive market is something to be proud of and says a lot of how any business is run. To celebrate twenty years is a sign of trust, and this celebration proves Staffing One Services has reached an impressive level of maturity, wisdom and stability. Looking forward to the next twenty years, clients can expect the same quality and high-performance consistently delivered for each job, each and every day.

Staffing One Services Mission Statement is:

At Staffing One Services, our mission is to consistently deliver excellence in staffing. We will do this by providing the most compelling possible customer experience, respecting and uplifting our employees, and operating at all times with honesty, integrity, and superior quality.

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