As with everything else in our world, today’s job market has undergone major changes. In the past the majority of staffing agencies were used by businesses searching for temporary workers. Now employers contract with an agency for everything from specialized personnel to entry-level candidates, seasonal workers to a temporary emergency one-day fill-in.

So instead of wasting valuable time posting employment needs on numerous job boards, wading through thousands of resumes…probably 98 percent of which don’t have the necessary skills, and then spending countless man hours with phone, online and then in-person interviews, here are 3 reasons to partner with Staffing One Services to help your business succeed.

  • Staffing agencies have a larger and more comprehensive recruitment reach. This is an important factor when it comes to searching for an employee with a specialized skill set. Potential candidates are pre-screened, references verified and past and current employment history vetted before even being introduced to your Human Resources department. We separate the qualified from the unqualified, saving your company time, money and aggravation.
  • Ever hired a person only to very quickly discover they are definitely not the right fit? As seasoned CEO’s know, a successful hire is often much more than just someone with stellar credentials. The right candidate must also be a good fit for the business environment and culture. Screening potential employees using sophisticated assessment tests helps to determine a person’s values, integrity and characteristics.
  • Temporary employees are a great assess for covering full-time personnel out on medical leave, on vacation, or when a special project begins to overwhelm. Hiring a temp provides additional resources and gives the remaining permanent workers more flexibility and less workplace stress. Also, since they are not an actual company employee, certain benefits and taxes are the responsibility of the staffing agency.

Staffing One Services has provided staffing excellence for the past 20 years, treating both employers and employees with respect, honesty and integrity. Please connect with us today at 314.361.2444 for more information.